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Building Partnerships based on trust, confidence, and respect.

The Cohesive Horsemanship Community

Are you looking for inspiration, encouragement, and support in your horsemanship?  Are you looking to see improvements with your equine while building a strong partnership?   Would you like to learn how to help you and your horse find relaxation, balance, and connection? 

if so.... Join us!

Cohesive Horsemanship is a group of welcoming, passionate, and supportive people working at improving our horsemanship.  

A Free Community with Benefits :)

Join our community for free where we share our horsemanship journey, share ideas, share successes and encourage each other along the way.  In this community Tessa (Cohesive Horsemanship founder) shares articles, training tips, ideas and musings.  

You can add a Membership to the Cohesive Foundation class for instant access to exercises, videos, and worksheets that build a self study progressive plan to develop a horse and rider. Tessa's vision for this class is to inspire and motivate all of us to stay progressive in our journey even if we have limited time we can spend with our equines each week. 

For a complete Journey to Lightness Cohesive Club will make available the Cohesive Journey To Lightness class.  This is a rigorous class marinating Natural Horsemanship Concepts with French Classical Dressage to build a soft, versatile, and Refined equine and rider. 

A Big Thanks

To all the equines that patiently tolerate our learning journey.